"I am a human compass!


Raggdaesh dresses in plain robes and sandals which he sometimes straps to the rope that he wears as a belt. he also has a headband of badassity (who knows where he got it).

he has thigh sheaths for the nunchaku that he lost somewhere on his journeys(he’s got a newer shinyer one now) and arm sheaths for his shuriken. at one point he fancied a quarterstaff but felt that it required more effort than it was worth. carrying things around can be annoying.

his personality is energetic and spontaneous.

Raggdaesh is a high born prince(lordling/somebody of importance) from a village of reclusive elves. Due to wars and betrayals from the past, the forest city is extremely racist. It is a very close structured city which did not suit young Raggdaesh very well. He managed to do something that no recorded elf had yet to do. he’d managed to develop the mental condition known today as adhd. Not really knowing how to deal with this Raggdaesh was treated as a bit of a freak. However, despite his impairments, he was the sole heir to his parents holdings and thus commanded a decent amount of respect. his parents decided that his energetic wanderings needed to be quashed and began stringent training to “make a lord out of him.”

Raggdaesh detested being forced into a mold. so he ran away and wound up in a nearby human town. Unfortunately, due to several misdealings with the woodelves, this city was racist against elves. In order to survive, Raggdaesh had to learn to be quick on his feet to avoid getting into fights. he also had to steal food on a regular basis (this explains his skills tendancy towards infiltration and running).

once he tried to steal something shiny from a kind hearted monk. he was caught obviously, but the monk decided mercy and education were the better options as opposed to punishment. He brought Raggdaesh back to the monastery and taught him the value of good actions. He also began to train Raggdaesh in the art of combat thinking that it would be a good outlet for the energy. Raggdaesh Learned quickly and happily. His gusto often had him training through the night. Eventually his energy and activity started to annoy some of the monestery’s elder monks who grew weary of raggdaeshes antics. it was eventually decided that Raggdaesh would probably fare better in the outside world and that the monks would certainly fare better without him. The kind hearted monk disagreed on the second point, but had to admit that Raggdaesh was a caged bird there. They agreed to send him on a quest to find true beauty. what that meant, they didn’t really care. They were delighted to find that Raggdaesh didn’t care either. he decided that what it was didn’t matter, he’d find it anyway and then it would make sense.


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